The Snowmum

Written by: Mandy Tams The Golden Girl

There was a little boy, and Maxwell was his name
His face shone when he saw the snow, he asked to play a game
His mummy wrapped him warmly and tucked him in lovingly
Come on Max let’s go outside and you can play with me.

They built a snowman from the snow, he was tall and round and fat
They put buttons for his eyes and they even found a hat.
They stayed all day to Max’s delight, but all to soon it was then night
Max and mum went inside; he blew a kiss, what a lovely sight

The morning came the snow had gone poor Max was devastated
He ran outside and looked everywhere, but his fears were not abated
He searched the garden and the garage and under each and every bush
But all that was left of the snowman was a great big pile of slush.

His mother could not bear poor Max so sad and she didn’t know what to say
 She did something she had not tried before; she got on her knees to pray
She raised her eyes heavenward, arms held in supplication
This is what I want of you, this is my dedication.

I want him to have a snowman each and every day; I want him to be happy
I might even go to church, if you can make it snappy
The morning came and to his delight a snowman was just there
Max ran to his mummy, but couldn’t find her anywhere.

He ran into the yard to see the snowman standing 
It had a familiar face-just like the picture on the landing.
God had answered his mummy’s prayer, but he was not one to be mocked
He had turned Max’s mum to snow and now she was quite shocked.

So remember what you pray for, and just do it carefully 
What happened to Max’s mum could happen to you or me.

© #GG~ reposted  to celebrate the fact we are snowed in .