Written by: Owen Yeates

Everybody is writing blogs
I see them piling up like logs
Telling what they’ve done today
Asking if I’d like to play

Blogs are fine for some I reckon
Intriguing sometimes they do beckon
Folks to read and follow suit
They tell me of their photo shoot

Information that’s the thing
Who’s wearing whose wedding ring?
Who is pregnant and giving birth?
They blog it round the universe

Blogs are good if you interested
But me I find that I’ am tested
Private stuff they sometimes tell
Do we need to know that as well?

I suppose the star struck like celebs
To right their blogs and be like plebs
To show that they are human to
But blogs put me off what about you

Answers in a blog will do
Now postcards are no good to you
For interneting is the thing
Blogs a piling on everything