Unwelcome Season

Written by: Joyce Johnson

The gloomy days of winter
And soggy clouds of rain
Make me wonder if sunshiny days
Will ever come again.

I am so tired of galoshes,
Umbrellas and rain coats.
I'd like to carry only bottles
Of sun lotion in my totes.

Mr North Wind take your icy blasts
And blow them far away
To where polar bears would say welcome
And walruses and caribou play.

I am sitting by a heater
With a blanket on my knees.
I see my garden through my window
As it slips into deep freeze.

The sports of winter don't amuse me.
I have never learned to ski.
I'd like to winter in Hawaii
Or in sunny Italy.

Now that Santa Claus has gone back
To the land of ice and snow,
I must tell you Mr. Winter,
It's also time for you to go.