Before You Close Your Eyes

Written by: Zhian Mostofi

Falling off the bridge, and landing in the sea
Next of kin is a part of me
Paradise waters lay under the surface's glare where my face returns to me
Our past together is just as important as the futures you and I will be enacted in
But to shed our skins, we'll have to leave the dying tree.
It's infected but not with fungi or queer leaves
It's neglected the verity of the momentum we find ourselves encapsulated in
It made a promise,  and its dues are setting to pay
Yesterday, life was a gustle in the winds
Here today,  I find there's nothing left of consequence

And so my dear and faithful audience, I leave you with a single token for my remembrance:
An ephemeral leaf through which all seasons shall breath
One life, one flash
One dash my eyes unveiled:
You and I, caught in the wheel

Leaves lift the seasons into beatific Ecstasies.
Unfearing eyes illuminate the blue skies,
Stretching truth far beyond the horizon,
Far off into the melting pot
Following human eyes wept in happiness
Drawing themselves on the dot.