Tiger and Bears in the Mouse's House

Written by: Debbie Guzzi

The day was unbelievably hot to a northerner, just about normal for a Floridian. Disney World opened at nine and after a steamy night cruising Kissimmee’s strip for burgers, we were ready for the crush (and I don’t mean orange soda.) The Ex, the kid and I, clad in shorts and tank-tops, were ready to enter the park with the rest of the scrubbed and buffed hoard. 

shoulder to shoulder
the crowd surges forward—
babies scream

At seven, our son, Jamie was mad about Pooh (of course at this point, he was so stoked he was just plain mad as the Hatter in Alice!) We got through the gates in record time and rushed to the line for honey pot carts to Pooh-land.  The line wasn’t long, most of the crowd was rushing Space Mountain, but my son was thrilled to be greeted at the entrance by non-other than Mickey Mouse!  Mickey grabbed the wiggling tike by his red suspenders (Yes, I had him wearing suspenders!) and boosted him into the cart and off we went. Mom, Dad and boyo in search of the infamous  Bear, Tigger the Tiger and Christopher Robin.

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