Lilacs in lavender bloom,
awaits sweet spring to resume,
The trees are green with envy.

The multi purple hues,
Shout the glorious news
ready for a season spree.

Butterflies flutter tag in the warm light,
Chasing sunbeams in acrobatic flight.
Drunk on honeyed flower nectar.

Green grass tickles bare toes,
Waltzing with a perfumed nose.
Nets in hand a butterfly collector.

Freshly risen flowers fair,
Gather in the balmy air,
clouds whisper rain upon leaves

Wool gathers to stifle the sun,
And put a damper on the fun.
Discerning flowers eagerly receives

Sapphire skies usher clouds away,
Exonerating another spring day.
Sun shine's the brilliant beams.

Sweet fragrance retained essence,
With happy images reminiscence.
hoarded in bygone seasonal dreams.

But all too unfortunately soon,
The lilacs lose the fragrant bloom,
As seasons come to a conclusion.

But like everything on this earth,
It has a jubilatious rebirth.
An extensive hiatus is just an illusion.