As The Years Roll On

Written by: Owen Yeates

As the years roll on
Life to fast has gone
We sit in easy chair
Hardly knowing we are there

Beautiful Lady in bingo hall 
Do you miss me at all?
For I look at the place
Where should be your smiling face?

We take thing for granted we for forget to say
The words I love you each and every day
It means so much to hear this said
When the words don’t come the feeling of dread

Yet in our way we both know we do
We should try harder yes me and you
To say the words we feel so strong
I love you honey endlessly long

So let this be no more a farce
Use this as a kick up the arse
So we remember our whole lives through
That you love me and I love you

That beautiful lady in bingo hall
Will get a message that says it all
When she comes home with smiling face
All will be right around this place

Then we can sit in easy chair 
Knowing our love is with us there
So we can smile and see the sun
In love together won’t that be fun