Nyx's Panoramic Veil

Written by: Stephen Parker

On twilight's sinking bridge, Nyx's waves swell
With an ethereal wand casts, dark, bewitching spell
O'er deep crevasse, spreads her enchanting veil
A glittering panorama of lights ballasts infinity
Moonbeams, star streams, and planet gleams form trinity
With blipping dots, beeping dashes cosmic dust braille
Heavenly bodies over the dark seas parasail
Orion's silted bow the fiery bastions doth assail
Kneeling, Hercules with glowing club o'er dragon doth flail
Pleiades's gaudy sisters in blue-sequined dresses luminosity scale
Virgo's virgins spawn into egg; sterility to efface
Pisces's forked fish tails lock; damming each, corroded face
Aquarius's stout water pail brims with charms to engrace
Ursa Major's silver ladle dips deep into briny well
Ursa Minor's frail oyster spoon dips into pale ale
The Southern Cross's interceding lines point to holy grail