Dragon's isle

Written by: Joseph May

They called him the phantom of the sky
On the wings of a huge raptor,  he flew high
Moving  speedily through the air
As he faded into the clouds and disappeared

He was on a dangerous mission
To find the legendary  golden sword
which could be found on Dragons isle
protected by creatures strange and vile

He arrived on the isle on the wings 
of his white eagle  named  Snowwhite
To battle cyclopses  with venomous bites
And giant scorpions  that dealt  painful stings

But they were up to the task
 As Snowwhite ripped the scorpions apart
And he had the cyclopses  beat from the start
As he thrust his sword into their hearts

The golden sword was guarded by a two headed dragon
That  breathed fire night and day
But with his spear the dragon he did slay
And retrieving the golden sword, went  his way
Then into the clouds he disappeared
 As he headed to his mountain lair

contest name: fantasy 
contest by: Mystic Rose