A Sliver of Gold

Written by: Mandy Tams The Golden Girl

From the darkest depths of life’s darkest season
The man could find neither rhyme nor any reason
He read the scrolls, the names they just passed him by
But a sliver of gold did then catch in his eye.

He sent out words, to find this name he really must
Aware of false gold, that’s hiding beneath rust
The seasoned man of jaded and cold feelings
A spark of life awoke in his heart sending it reeling.

That sliver of gold grew to a shaft oh so bright
The mighty man searched all through day and the night
To find that sliver of gold first and he then knew
Maybe it could turn his darkest season blue

He polished his armour and his charger he rode
Determined if needed to search the whole globe
The shaft of light entered his heart and pierced his eye
Determined was he, never to let it pass by.

Little known that shaft of light golden and, shining bright
Saw this great man,in the depth of dark with no light
Her place in chains against which she oft did chafe.
In her heart she knew now the place to keep him safe

His charger he rode he found his new bright light
He lifted her up and he forgot his darkest plight
She sat behind him on his charger so white
They rode off together in golden glowing daylight

They loved together, the dark season did now lift
Hearts joined together, and now never will drift
That sliver of light the colour we have been told
Will hold them together as a strong band of pure gold.

©~GG~ 17/01/20