Words are Like Birds

Written by: William J. Jr. Atfield

Like Birds
They fly out of clear blue skies,
out of thick gray smother,
out of black thunderclouds,
out of serine, colourful sunsets.

Words may be like Majestic, Eagles,
swift and elusive as Humming Birds,
enlightening and silent as wise old Owls,
or as irresponsible as the Cuckoo Bird.

Words may be like god’s, Sparrows,
keen as the Hawk, 
permeating as the Woodpecker,
or as elegant as Swans.

Words may be as eloquent as many a Song Bird,
or as  beautiful as Peacocks,
they may be like the Flamenco,
or  scavengers, like Vultures.

Words may ascend to great heights , or stoop so low.
Words soar into one’s world, upon veiled wings,
leaving their messages to be deciphered 
by the discerning ear, the subconscious mind.

Words are dissipated by the winds that carry them aloft.
But seldom has their flight been lofty !!
Words, and one’s word, seldom carries any weight,
for deception seems to be word’s ever lasting fate.

B. J. “A” 2 
January 16th, 2013