Winter Dance

Written by: Richard Lamoureux

I thought like the winter you were cold. You always seemed out of my reach, so good looking and you had a certain strut. You were used to boys falling all over you. I said hi and you gave me a dissmissive glance. I continued to look in your direction and cleared my throat.  You looked up again curious to see what I wanted. I became lost in my emotions.

she tilts her head
and flips hair to the side --
our eyes lock

I stood there staring into your big brown eyes, tongue trapped in the back of my throat. I must have looked comical, you started to laugh. Not a cruel laugh it was one of sheer delight, your smile radiated warmth over your entire face. I had never before witnessed such beauty. once my tongue was free I asked you out to the winter dance. You surprised me by saying yes. I guess fortune does favor the bold. I walked away before you could change your mind. Each footstep in the snow marked the beat of my heart.

Debbie Guzzi's Mix it up contest.