Cry and Scream

Written by: Jade Celeste

Cry, CRY
Wrench your heart and cry
For those with demons inside
With no will left to try

Scream, SCREAM
Find your voice and scream
For those who live in silence
Who are robbed of their dream

Mourn, MOURN
Beat your chest and mourn
For those lost in the night
Whose hearts have been torn

Wail, WAIL
Tear your clothes and wail
For those with twisted minds
Who seek help to no avail

Weep, WEEP
Close your eyes and weep
For the many living dead
Buried in nightmares deep

Hear, HEAR
Open you ears and hear
The silent cries of the poor
Who cower in their fear

See, SEE
Open your eyes and see
The one who is tormented
That tortured soul is me!

Eileen Manassian Ghali