Missing Pieces

Written by: Debbie Duncan

Once there was a time. 
A long time ago.

As I was looking for a flat.
Making sure it was right for me.

Just so I could make it my own.
I took a walk through all the cracks 
and cervices.

Way over there, in an out of the way corner . 
That's when I seen it, the writing on the wall.

The closer I came, the more I saw a love spell.
 Although  It was wearing thin from years past. 

 This is how it read: 

 She ask, if she could get back all the missing
 pieces ~  all the pieces she had given away ,
To lovers that didn't stay.

All the parts that had been broken, and betrayed.
All the parts that were left out in the rain.

All the parts that were dropped and kicked around.
It said, she didn't think they wanted them anyway.
All the parts of herself , she felt she lost along the way.
She ask for all the missing pieces  to be returned to her.

If that was ok  ~  Just so she wouldn't fade away.  

7/ 9 / 2011  8pm
Was looking through a 3 ring binder of my old poetry, I found this one . No doubt we all have pages of poems.