Written by: Elly Wouterse

black dusty guitar stowed in a far-a-way corner left untuned for ages sixth string gone missing a statue dedicated silenced sounds   her guitar player chilling on a couch treasuring the former black beauty with graceful hands   elegant fingers enthrall the black beauty now touching now tuning trusted and rusted strings the guitar player and the guitar unite in a serene silhouette musics' unique cradle a small symphony of purled tones composed in a mastermind instantly passing by shallowly in melodies plucking away in a magical mystery tour displayed on a face and behind closed eyes miracle dream wish even without the missing sixth string a visionary revelation finger picking a once-in-a-lifetime coming home symphony of little great tunes caressing tenderly ears, eyes and skin of wishful souls and longing hearts ©ELLIE DAPHNE 2013