sister of mine

Written by: paige simone

We've walked the same rode oh' sister of mine
We've ridden the same street and ran the same path.
We've swam the same oceans and crossed the same bridges. 
Sister oh' my sister, we were woven from the same cloth and
bore the same flags.

sister of mine oh sister of mine, we've strolled hand in hand through pleasure and pain. Born ourselves new to the world we've never truly known.
Our battles raged but our hands never strayed.. our passions and our pride guided us through.
True i am to you, oh sister of mine. 
May your hand be as faithful as mine.
May your shoulder stand strong when all else for me falls weak.
My shoulder is long worn from your tender embrace, but all the same I encourage and search to have you take a rest. 
Allow me, oh sister, to be your refreshing embrace, allow me to paint your world with color when all seems gray.
I only ask, oh sister of mine, that you forever hold my hand through our journey's, and return the love i have had for you.

sister oh my sister, may our conquests be great and let the trials turn to our triumphs as we blaze our trail true.
till the end ol' sister of mine, i will forever be here.