Once Upon A Time

Written by: Mandy Tams The Golden Girl

Once Upon A Time
Once upon a time there was a young boy
He sent an orchid to a fresh young girl
He wanted to break through the walls of troy
The prize he won and he took his new pearl

Running down the winding and leafy lanes
Hand in hand laughing they both ran away
Released now from so many locks and chains
Happy they are for this magical day.

Time and again they stop to hug and kiss
Safe together in each others strong arms
Relaxed knowing this is now their new bliss
They fell for each others love and their charms.

Youth is theirs, they see it, they beckon it
Dreams and wishes of old are granted too
Lives entwined forever, love them did hit
This love that is so fresh, so good and new

The bars are gone now, no restraints no pain
Sight restored new vigour, youth regained
Fantasy, magical, long may it reign
Their lives now will be renewed and retrained

Once upon a time, a time now long gone
When Fantasy and magic ruled the world
A fair maiden’s young waiting heart was won
A strong young man trusted, and blonde-haired girl

© 16/01/2013~GG

 Fantasy, Fantasy, Fantasy: Contest Entry.