Written by: Stephan McBride

As the moon reflects on the sea
I strive to reflect Thee
I read Your word and continue to grow
As Your love within begins to show
I drink the water from Your fountain
As you lead me to overcome the highest mountain
That has a continuous flow
Bringing comfort to thy mind and soul
creating new life in thy heart that was hollow
seeking your guidance that I shall follow
Step for step I shall watch your feet
For only through you can we enter the gate to greet
There are many that tell Your from above
But Lord teach me to show Your love
You opened my eyes to see
Teaching me to turn from sin to be free
For out of my darkness you created a light
That drawed me in closer giving sight
with a new vision of your word which illuminates
and reminds me of your love and everyones fate
Now able to see those which eat their own bread
seem to the world to have abundance but our dead
will they ever learn of their foolish ways
I will continue to pray
that many shall come to know
Jesus is the root from which we must grow
and the only one which shall crucify oldself and give a fresh start
while  burning away all impurities within thy heart
as silver going through the furnance 
in time one shall know it is ready
when they can see their face reflecting