Itching For Spring

Written by: Deb Wilson

Frosted breath designs the window pane
Now the whiteness blankets all the sky.
Cars are sliding sideways down the lane.
This winter melancholy makes me sigh.
I'm counting down to spring,I can't deny.

I clasp my coat to me,it's much too thin.
The zero air makes me shiver and shake.
There's frostbite forming on my nose and chin.
These cold and dreary times I just can't take.
If it wasn't frozen I'd jump in the lake!

Creatures great and small are struggling now.
Suffering from lack of food and heat.
They'll make it through till spring arrives somehow.
This dismal cold of winter will be beat
And all will welcome springtime,oh so sweet.

Soon the tender shoots and buds will bloom.
Blossoms will start painting up the land
We'll rid ourselves of all this wintry gloom.
Start dreaming of the sun-bleached,crystal sand.
Let spring and summer take the upper hand.

written January 15th, 2013