I died only once

Written by: Pranab Jyoti Rava

Bereft of life, I choose death                                                                                                                No remorse, no regrets                                                                                                                  Death has more meanings, more puns                                                                                                  Let me die for I die once                                                                                                                Death seems to me, a divine alteration	                                                                                                  No festivities, no celebrations                                                                                                                 I've lived gloomy days, terrible months                                                                                               Let me die, let me once

Now that I think my life is over                                                                                                            No hold backs, no do-over                                                                                                                      Bury my body, remember me once                                                                                                        For I lived thousand lives, died only once                                                                                          My epitaph lies there, words written like puns                                                                                     "Who lived several lives but died only once"