Written by: paige simone

I am respected.
That's his explanation, his excuse and his reasoning.
He sits on a throne of these women he has claimed. 
Tools of his self worship, he stacked them tall in his castle.
A tribute to his mastery of his manipulation and his lies.
He sits tall and proud on the women he as claimed. 
They each are secret queens in his world he has made for them.
They each unaware of the lies he has spun to catch them, 
their insecurities will be their downfall. They envy my power over his heart and he convinces them of my faults. They are aware of my presence 
and relish in his denouncement of his commitment.
They are the true match in their eyes and they can cure his depression. 
These secret lies he has spun for them enriches their lust for his heart. 
They wish to be his cure to save him from his unhappiness and take their place on his right hand. 

I am respected he says. 
That is why i am his queen. I hold his heart and am high up above these subjects he has claimed. I am not a block in his throne but i lay high above on a pedestal.
They are easy and are quickly used and thrown away, but i am constant and true.
They let him use them and he reaps the befits of their low standards of themselves and because of these standards men like him exist. women who covet men who are taken allow men to take advantage of these opportunities. Wolves yes these men are, but sleepless they are not.

Hes says he's able to find the divide between the disrespected and the respected, lines he draws when these women allow him to get the better of them. When they allow him  to trick them into these false worlds and trust his false lives. As if to ensure me I am safe from such things, because his love belongs to me. These lines he draws to separate the two kinds, i find hard to find in his explanation.  And if such lines do exist, which do i truly reside on.