Seduce and Destroy

Written by: Sarah Ramharrack

Push you up against the sink,
Nibble your neck until you can’t think,

Skin burning as resistance flies,
Leaning back, close your eyes,

Lips parted heart in mouth,
Tongue teaser, come out, come out,

Ravishing until lack of air,
Arms around neck, hands in hair,

Legs parted, hip against hip,
Into forbidden wetness, searching fingers slip,

Moans hasten indecisive chides,
Unbreakable rhythm of the sweetest ride,

Embrace tightens, almost there,
Plunging deepens in love’s lair,

Soaring higher as madness descends,
Lover’s rest as time bends,

Nerves shattered breathing slows,
No words needed, no place left to go.