Beautifully blended

Written by: paige simone

Lands of my mother color my skin bold. Pale and freckled.
my skin remembers the lush lands of old and i am swarmed with Irish blood.
Tanned and sun kissed, like my mothers people, 
i am tainted by her strong Italian blood. 
Soft as silk, i'm bred from her french roots. Creative and lush.
Skin like my mothers heritage, i am born of white blood.

Curls from my fathers past, native and strong, my ethnic shines through.
Indian, strong, and proud. Smokey and dark like the ancient people i fall from,
my gaze is forever lasting. Light and brown, i am rich with African blood. 
Long, tall, and lean like my fathers homage, i am born or intricate lineage.

Queens from my past lives, bow before my roots, with depths that reach far into the earth. i am born of all and belong to none. Blended of several bloodlines and crafted from many cloths, i belong to all the legends of the world but is known by no names. Past lives that relate to the slaves of the Americas but known by kings rich with English blood, i belong to both sides but regarded by none. Feared by their Egyptian masters my forefathers bore the pain of the desert, but i am remembered as scholars in the scrolls of the tombs. I am blended with all the beauty of the world and blended with all the wrongs. I wear a mask of my fathers past, but am rich with my mothers ancestry. 

I am Beautifully Blended.