Im Alive

Written by: Elizabeth Bark

Im still here.
No matter what you put me through, 
and all the pain you caused,
I'm still here.

I'm still gonna make it.
Even after you crushed me, 
and made me start over,
I'm still gonna make it.

I'll get out.
I'll leave this place, 
start anew, 
I'll get out.

I'm gonna make it.
Not for spite or to show you up,
it's only for me,
And I'll make it.

I am strong.
I'm stronger than what you remember.
I'll get out of this place and be who I am,
and when you come back looking for who you left?
She won't be there. 
You won't recognize me.
I'll be hiding in plain sight,
and I won't show my face.

Because I'm alive.
The girl you left,
she dies with your memory.