they never came back

Written by: Ren Barrera

We’ve seen the true colors of man, 
Trudged through the mud and blood, in the sand. 
Stifled tears and we’ve hidden our pain,
Trying not to lose ourselves on the way.
We’ve been to Hell and back.
We’ve laughed and we’ve cried, 
In each other we confide, 
We’ve been up every single night,
Seen good men lose the fight.
We’ve been to Hell and back.
We’ve seen the look of fear; we know the smell so clear, 
Seen full grown men crumble down and cry,
In the face of danger we laughed and took it in stride.
We’ve been to Hell and back.
Going in fighting to win, 
But we lost a piece of ourselves in the end.
Losing the company of our good loyal friends,
Some weren’t as lucky, and as good as dead.
We all went to hell, but some never came back.