Written by: f kelling

Once upon a day, Long Days ago, there were hours to believe in 
Where tomorrow was in the distance like yesterday is today, time was frivolous 
So then the dreams were vast and filled with the flutter of fantasy having
a great thirst for knowledge, trying anything for a first time….without fear with
the confidence of new born soul. The world was to spoil with temptations
every path lined with fruit to satisfy even the shyest of youth. Time took flight 
With the great fleeting numbers of migrating birds into the warm smiles of the future
As the…………………. shadows of my father, wrinkled and worn seems now to
be  in my reflection. So fast is the inevitable past that would be me someday
And yet, not disappointing, but filled with a map, found of its treasure and many
riches of experience  and that I lived it, to remember. Stories change as with
A Books character, to read different, fiction or fantasy, tragedy or love story
as I see now, all with the same last words ……If just enough time to speak of it,
                                               –The End