Written by: jackie thomas

social media and television shows, whad'a you know
where did all tha'old tv shows go

i love lucy and dallas with ms ellie
it was best when there was regis kelly

jerry springer and the uks jeremy kyle
was it just me...or did anyone else like the green mile

oh my the honey mooners and mr ed
...this one's not old, but now there is ted

'murder' backwards, so they call it 'red rum'
a pawn show with a person name chum

bill cunningham, who always say 'put the cheese on the cracker'
ray lewis, the ravens linebacker

...then there is youtube, from cheers to ridicule
and oh my facebook?...the things people say can be so cruel

game shows and pranks galore
...i am curious, will there be more

it's just too much to see