Poetry for Poetry

Written by: Yanny Widjanarko

You are the world which coping me
The chamber of my sanity
The big safety box of my true stories
Place where I could lean and dwell beyond the life series

I believed in God and His mercy was giving me some clue
On my fragility prayers, He led me on you
You are the best gift of my life which I cannot compare
The true recovery was earned by the silent of my share

Pieces by pieces  pilled up on your verses
Unorganized as if it was collided and barely in worthless
You keep your line as you want me to complete the puzzles
You give the blank page while I give you some variant tussles

You give me freedom on my bitter sweet
You let me spill out all the wastes of those filth
I owe you my half life, I owe you my sanity
Thank you for keeping my color and be the wisdom as a poetry