The Dead Tells No Story

Written by: Toheeb Tiamiyu

When the soul wind
Still flies about,
Life seems so precious
And un-ending.
Tales of life's friend
Told everyday,
But hearts which still have
The soul wind switched on
Forget in a brief,
Not until...

Not until
Darling soul wind ceases,
When tears lovers releases
For that heart.
That moment when sands are poured
And you can't do nothing,
I wonder what would have happened
If you still had that soul wind.
But here is the moment when all things blackout!

Or whiteout?
Well, I've not been there
So I sure can't guess which,
But i'm certain one day,
We all will.
When? How? Where?
I do not know.
Thence, I must live right
So my story could be told.
Cos the dead would be there
To tell, not even the name.