The Ups And Downs Of Poetry

Written by: Rockman Pritts

There are two sides
In the poetry we write
One from the dark
And one from the light

The dark writes of pain
Mourning and loss
A love gone awry
With emotional cost

The light writes of joy
And days in the sun
Butterflies flitting
Or children who run

They dance with abandon
They celebrate life
They don't suffer pain
They don't suffer strife

But the dark always broods
It's the nature of beast
You fight for the most
And it gives you the least

Then comes a poem
That brightens your day
And all of your worries
Just melt away

You read it from start
Through middle to end
It makes you feel good
Like you've found a friend

Then comes another
That drags you back down
Emotional whirlpools
Making you drown

Tears of emotion
Well up in your eyes
Hands of rememberence
Reach up to the skies

It's sad when you read
That we're not alone
We share in the things
That we must bemoan

We rise and we fall
We twist and we turn
We rise from the ashes
After we burn

But the sun always rises
As well as the moon
One greeted by sparrow
The other by loon

The balance of life
Is shared on the page
One by the prophet
And one by the sage

The cycle begins
Just where it ends
But the final score
Is the number of friends

Rockman  :-)