Land to the Tiller

Written by: Udaya R. Tennakoon

Land to the Tiller
Cracked and clef soil of tolerated native mother
Beaten halo, attacked by the sun
Being friend and enemy to the end
Monsoon rain drops cried tears

Beyond of measure of sufferings keep in heart
Obeying to nature of god the body always brooks
Courageous mind and crooked back life domesticates
Keeping the dream of the beauty and smell of rose

Barren   soil turning into fertile 
Making dug well wetted over the land
Reaping seeds beget color of green
Mother of native attests through the centuries in time 

By the history, for the people
Hostage curse is inherited 
By the heart, for own future
To struggle of unjust is unavoidable 

Righteous reality locking by suppression 
Release of violence guides the admission
Ceaseless hope of legacy with permission
Though dark, for light dawn of full moon

Udaya R. Tennakoon