My Testimony

Written by: Lemonia Sims

Alot of negative things has happened to me all throughout my life, and satan used them to dampen my attitude towards myself and my life. I was trapped in my past from being traumatized because I didn't think I would ever come out of the severe depression I was in. As soon as I started asking God for help, praying to him about all of my problems and how I wanted to change them and I did my best to have enough faith in him to help me get through my storms. I started to see him show up in my life and from then I began to get closer to him. I was released from the past and I began making progress towards my recovery and the good life that God has for me. It did not come to me immediately, but realizing he was the only solution to my problems gave me hope to press on. I knew if I made one step forward he would make two. Day to day, slowly but surely I began to see changes take place in my life, that I knew would never had came if I was trying to recover on my own. Each change motivated me and gave me peace. Since I now live a happy life.