Do You Remember

Written by: julie heckman

Do you remember the force of my biceps 
holding on hard to muscle it, helping me
tumbling into a future of strength. I made the 
darkness as well as the light spilling from 
water or just an old Starbucks cup.
There has been only a bit of spillage, 
time against time that pits my speed.

Do you remember the city, the highway, 
the apartments that ravage the wealth and 
poverty, we made it into suburbs piped on the 
tips of dreams. Tomorrow is but an appetizer 
primed before the buffet. We'll skip the past 
and fly, few allegiances attached.

Do you remember I never heard back from 
you, the one who left me peacefully while I
slept, your promises turned into a old black 
ladle of old fish soup... then I guess nothing 
is ever boring for those with two brain cells
rubbing together. I won't condemn you, as 
a priest balancing all the threads together.