Is This Song for Dance - Meant Our Children of the World

Written by: dave archuletta

...Where stays an entrust that lay quiet, held grasped within hands ever not in want unfurled
For these are the binds that when seen, other ties cry as if mimes - voiceless in caused realm of world...

...Yet, with truth this lost, this is the cost that life can ever so stately stand while still showing so sublime

Like the end run scene chose of an Indiana Jones movie
When of a director's final musing, a covenant is hidden, without spilling of word or of final line

It is within our humanities of consequence, someone is always in this know
Sometimes left turns are taken and rights mistaken 
All convened of a "Jersey Rules" suppose

As a smile is a smile, a reward that masks all risk
It is hard to deny what is hard to resist

Still, pages were written that only a nation's library would've or could have ever chose

So, for the sake of whose innocense
Comes a Jersey moonlight hire?

"Hush, hush my sweet Charlotte
Tonight we sleep warm, within his circle of fire"

This conscience by design...

Is it right or is it wrong?

In answer, 

Have you ever known the lyrics, yet never sang the song?