In the Wrong Place

Written by: Naveah Rassan

I always had a problem
I would always blame it on you
To seeing my flaws was seldom
So to tell you now words are few
I blamed you for me feeling lonely
I thought you were pushing me away
But I owe it to you only 
To tell you this today
I have never lost control 
In my hands I held the reigns
From my emotions to my soul
I even gave to you the blame
See I love you so much
I want you to be with me all the time
Now my life is in a rush 
Seems loving you was my crime
I never thought I could get hurt
I was trying to make everything right 
Now I'm lying on the dirt 
In this hour of the night
I know there was not much to fix
You were perfect indeed
But here lies the trick
And why I never succeed
I get jealous when anyone gets close
Even if I know it maybe wrong
I cant help but feel the worst
Then you play through my mind like a love song
I know I should have no fear 
But you are mine and mine alone
You refuse to have me there 
And all you give is a phone
That is just not enough 
I cant be satisfied with that no more
I know the time is rough
But I'm still standing at your door
You look for me when you feel 
I need you all the time
I don't know what is real 
But now its on my mind
Looking to you for all
Left a shadow on my face
So dark it made fall
I looked for it in the wrong place
I depended on you for love 
I was a fool for that
I will get it from above 
From Him who I gave my heart