Lil' witch

Written by: Jessica Kuilan

I may be little
and I may wear a black hat
that just happens to match
my tiny black cat
who tends to
sit on my broom
while it glides across the room…

But I do not own 
nor use a cauldron…
nor do I have a crooked nose
or crows that flock.
I lack the warts of toads
and the smells of chicken pickled toes..

I glide with fairies 
and with the gnomes too
talk with trolls
and climb 
on the giants toes

So yes…
I DO wear a black hat
and have a tiny black cat.
I do have a broom
that fly’s with a zoom

I may be a witch
but not one of those that have a twitch…
I just have an itch 
that I can’t switch
cause’ I’m just not
an evil witch.