A Penny for Your Crumbs, Sir

Written by: Debra Squyres

On tender heel a waif did chase
a simple meal of bread
For his belly grumbled for any crumbs
before he went to bed,
or the morrow find him dead

Bread could be bought a dollar a loaf, 
way more than he could pay
He begged for just a pennies worth
Yet the baker refused his say
“Be off with you, run and play!”

On tender cheeks the waif did spill
a single silent tear
No bread for he or his little sister
In which he held quite dear
Praying they’d see another year

On wounded heels the waif did chase
the baker to his berth
He offered to give him his last coin
For left crumbs, just a pennies worth
Cowering under the baker’s girth

Angrily the baker turned and shook 
the crumbs all around
Telling the waif he better not be seen
On morrow when he made his rounds
“Ye’d be better six feet underground!”

By: Debra Squyres on 01/12/13