Spatterdock Croquet

Written by: Ian Thomas Phillips

When Nature frees the lotus
   (This year's debut emergence)
      From their sleeping seeds,
   When they begin to cress the surface,

I shall stand with broadened smile,
   My heart's joy augment threefold;
      And when the lillies burst
   In galvanic evening's gold,

If the expansion of elation
   Don't mean I'm likely doomed
      To laugh so hard confined
   In the vaulted night perfumed

And if I don't spit out my life
   When the lillies shoot their seeds
      And no tremors shall have seized my heart
   Nor Death, my ticket, heeds:

When Cold caresses the membranes,
   Bringing the lillies to rot and break,
      Bowing down before the wind,
  Their thirst, face down, to slake,

They later will be frozen 
   On the very coldest day,
      Bent into the wickets
   Of Spatterdock Croquet.