Written by: Richard Lamoureux

It's one thing to lose something, another to have it taken
Ripped from your hands, someone stronger exerting their control
The feeling of helplessness, the bully at school taking your lunch
That girl you loved that has taken your heart

What of the loved ones, those taken before you said goodbye
The days and moments that have been taken by time
What of the things I have taken?
I have taken you for granted, caught up in my little world
Not aware of the moments I have taken, the laughter we could have had
The smiles I have taken from you
I have taken liberties with your love, for this I am truly sorry

I have taken chances and been rewarded for my choices
I have been taken away by ecstasy, feelings beyond my imagination
I have had moments that have taken my breath away

my life has taken many paths
It has not been the easiest journey
Much has been given, more will be taken
I hope I have taken a higher road
I accept all things are temporary
When this life is taken, what will I have given in return?

Entry for Taken Contest. Was not expecting that one little word
Embodied so much emotion. Good contest idea!