In limbo begging a quickening death.
Rotting flesh steals the breath.
Beneath rocks of sulfuric brimstone.
Satan picks teeth with a femur bone.

Sullied souls keep demons feed.
Damning state to rest the head.
Dripping lava forms heated pools.
Resounding screams of mortal fools.

Growling stomach rumbling hunger.
Talons dig in, drag transgressors under.
Drowning in fiery lakes of sorrow.
Satisfied suckling on human marrow.

Redemption now a tad to late.
Death has come and dealt fate.
Blood has turned to dust in veins.
Echoes of memories still remains.

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.
Hell glutinous with vile disgust.
Smoldering in the bowels of hell.
Rigor body a maggot's home to dwell.

Dried up essence marks a passing.
Burning in the fires of everlasting.
A soul like phoenix raises from ashes.
To repeat the punishing cat'o nine lashes.

Satan laughs with a callous reign.
Relishing all the suffering pain.
Shackles cage a forsaken soul.
Paying forevermore Satan's toll.

Screams keep tempo with the hordes of hell.
To escape hell's fate I wish you well.
Fire and brimstone scorch the bone.
Choirs of demon chant welcome home.