A Rainy Day

Written by: Terry Trainor

Heavy winds roared and ripped around the thatch on the roof, leaving gaps,
Some glass in the windows began to rattle and shake, the storm has arrived,
Doors rattled loud it was like a madman at the door using logs to break in.
Leaves danced around the garden and some papers flew into the troubled air,

The day was as dark, lightning as bright as any flashlight, set the scene,
Grey clouds touched the ground air heavy with torrential showers of rain,
Everything outside was soaking wet, ruined or needed allot of attention,
Clothes flying off washing lines like kites or rag dolls swirling up high.

Lightning flashed again and the field and woods could be seen as a snapshot,
Farm animals are scared and dogs barking at the thunder and the falling rain,
And birds flying off for shelter near by waiting for a break to catch worms,
The storm lashed, water flowing down sides of roads and flooding drain holes.