The Liars Pen

Written by: Terry Trainor

Plagiarism is the great liars tool to rejoice in others work with a liars pen,
They live a liar’s life and disguise their stupidity with a liar’s conscience,
We should pity the liar’s theft as the lying thief has no words of his own,
He revels in stupidity because he knows there are many words unguarded,

To surf the great networks of knowledge seeing how other people write,
The liar wants recognition but he knows his words are as impotent as he,
So he searches in the deep dark archives hoping he will not be caught,
Liars have a disease as does a sociopath he cares for no one but his ego.

Writers and the men of knowledge have integrity they respect, respect,
A liar is an outcast from this world because truth is the key for the door,
To smile into writers face then steal his jewels when no one’s around,
Liars feed from the gutter as their soft minds cannot raise any higher.