Written by: Elizabeth Skiba

They are born and grow
in a violent time
with nothing to eat
nowhere to sleep
men come with the guns
and take Them away
They have nothing to say
only obey
A men throws Them 
some crumbs to eat
some old rusty bread
and a spoiled meat
at least They have a roof 
over their head
some old dirty blanket
and a very old bed
They know They have to
do what They are told
unless They will
again to be sold
They are very young
and They all alone
no mother or father
because They are all gone
They have no choice
to only obey
and do exactly 
what the man say
the man with the guns
and power abuse
They have no say
and They can’t refuse
it is such a shame 
for others to know
and turn their heads away
and just let Them grow
with violence and crime
against Their own
no piece no love
just the violence 
only They know
there is no escape
only pain and sore
this are the Children
Children of the war