On My 18th Birthday

Written by: Toheeb Tiamiyu

Oh! On my birthdate, 
On my 18th birthday, 
When I will be
Now an adult.

On my 18th birthday, 
A house will I buy
And stock my cupboard
With lovely clothes and shoes.

Oh! On my 18th birthdate, 
I will give gifts, 
Millions of good gifts
To the poor beggars.

Oh! On my 18th birthday, 
I will travel to space, 
And eat on the moon, 
With alien friends up there.

On my 18th birthday, 
I will find myself, 
A damsel
And get betrothed.

Oh on that date, 
I will party, dance non-stop.
With the world president.
Oh my 18th birthday! 

These was I thinking, 
When I realized, 
Its just the tomorrow
After the next tomorrow.