far away without someone to hold me

Written by: Davin Payne

my love is like a pistol packed with petunias
spreading heads from small space like medusas
bedding laced lush velvet to seduce you
masseus and dr. seus abstract to move you 
reduce, i let loose vamoose to the big time
purity assuredly my security for the incline 
my pleasure with letters for sweet hearts
made of dream parts, the theme starts
with a stream of divinity infinitely writing be mine
on loops, repeat one swoop, in design
warm rituals listful like tea time
armistice tho all's fair,  long hair i consign
appropriation heavens rations boulder dashing
lovers gasping fast reactions facilitating
strange contraptions, annihilating  captives
in the trenches contemplating satisfaction
some emotions can be a lot more active
jumping before how high was a question
last resort always holding vacancy passive 
 the dogs pulled the sled with the medicine