cheap days

Written by: lulu nosika

Friday nights are the nights to show 
dat you have been slaving all week. 
The nights where all the shining bits 
and pieces come out. Ladies talk in 
loud gale voices, showing off new 
dresses and shoes they can hardly 
walk in. When guys pretend that 
they own d town screaming 'money 
aint a thing'! But den we all know 
that every quid made within d week 
jumps out the window. Bar hoping is 
the theme of the night, loud music 
and lumpy bodies swaying to the 
beat. Hardly are the lyrics heard and 
off key is it always reproduced. My 
favourite part is watching the 
unbelievable amount of alcohol 
consumed. This nearly always 
creates this belief of invisibility. Then 
it happens, the first vomit for d 
night. Some unlucky cleaner is going 
to be cursing his mind off soon. Its 
almost 3am, the magic moment 
when you remember you are in the 
age of technology.....cell fone! Aha! 
One of the little wonders of some 
dumb but smart fool's brain wave. 
The call for the ride home after 
tripping over almost every 
miraculously propped up curb. 
Unlucky day and you find yourself on 
d floor blaming everybody but your 
careful self! Another night well 
spent, and tomorrow comes with the 
well earned hang over. But for now 
all that matters is you made d best 
of your weekly wage! Kudos! Shite! 
Totally forgot, the rent is due by the 
moro! You best just drink a little 
more and block the thought of the