Her Pain

Written by: Moon Sway

llooking up to the sky
 tears falling from her face
 never thought she would cry
 for someone who is such a discrase 
as she softly crys
 she learns to hate you 
and all of your lies are nothing new
 she knows you are gone 
she cant take it anymore 
what your doing is wrong 
she falls to the floor 
shes crying more than ever
 she feels like shes bleeding
 remember when you said never 
you were always missleading
 days turn to nights
 minuts turn to hours 
she started loosing sight 
of what you once called ours
 now she is broken
 and your the cause of her pain
 with all these words unspoken
 what could you possibly gain
 do you feel like a winner?
 do you feel like you won fist place?
 your just a siner
 it was never a race