Stardust's Ethereal Light

Written by: Joyce Johnson

Last night the rains had paused awhile.
The air was clear and cold.
Near stars in the Heavens twinkled.
The moon was big and bold.

Lunar light was shining through the trees
Bright stars were overhead.
They shone on rainwater puddle,
Turning it to sparkling bed.

I watched in joyful fascination
From the window of my room.
One star all by itself was ineffectual
Together they had chased the gloom.

I wanted to tread on the blanket
Of stardust spread out in the night.
But I knew the wind would bite me
And would soon ruin my delight.

So I kept watching from my window 
At the more than glorious sight
Of stardust blanketing the earth
That turned deep dark to dreamy light.

By: Joyce Johnson