The girl among the leaves

Written by: João Camilo

Oh, rest once more on my green pasture,
like you did the night before, my blossom:
Yesterday, the breeze took your scent afar
stealing the furtive and precious pleasure  
that I shared only with the evening star
that courts lonely the pink-dyed moon.
Remember the day when a wayward twist,
while you walked among the flower walls
measuring beauty with tepid innocence,
left you bare-dressed only by modesty
and then you hid your fair semblance
with blue, red, white and yellow petals.
Oh, lay and let me feel your breath on me,
your chest pressed against the dry leaves
dew drops sliding down by your back.
Spring after spring, you have come alone,
stepping merrily on the old stone track
after the quietness that nature improves.
Beauty and nature share one essence,
Unspoiled by the time reaping presence.