She's more than gold

Written by: Adesitimi Taiwo Damilola

"she's more than 

In her haven I 
reside for nine 
she sleeps and 
wakes in pain
until my head comes 
out her womb;

she shivers in the 
when she searches 
for my needs
o what a great 

she's my mother,
she's more than gold!

she humbles her 
breast for me to suck
though I bite her 
nipple with my teeth
but she nods to my 
innocent deed

when I begin to grow 
sickness emaciates 
my bones,
and she annoints my 
head with tears

she's my mother!
she's more than gold!

she nurses me till I 
become her father
and she pilots me to 
the evening of my life
to where my eyes 
can see the world

She's my mother,
she's more than gold!

I pray for you my 
your legs will never 
attend my funeral
neither your tears to 
wet my infant grave

and I'll live to nurse 
you to your old age
before you sleep the 
sleep of elders